GrandMother Tips: 5 Kitchen Appliances Your Kitchen’s Begging You For

Did you just buy a new home or rent a new place? Well, I’m sure you’re looking at the list of appliances and tools you’d need around to making living easier and convenient and the kitchen is one of the most if not the most important part of any household and even the best of chefs rely on appliances to get the job done.

So today we compiled this list of 5 appliances you kitchen’s begging you for.

1. Oven Toaster Grill

  • With more and more households getting rid of the microwaves the demand for oven toaster grills has been on the rise. Microwaves though useful are considered unhealthy and this why an oven toaster grill is the better choice.
  • Its primary functions are similar. You can use it to bake, toast, and grill or heat up food but rather than using rays this appliance uses heating rods to get the job done.

2. Refrigerator

  • Well, every home needs a fridge, it’s an obvious buy but how do you choose the right make and model? Two door fridges are my preference as they offer separate space for cooling and freezing.  Also, it’s important it has an adjustable temperature for both zones.
  • The expensive models also offer fancy frills like an ice dispenser and lately the sale of Haier refrigerators has been on the rise as they offer a special ice cream door.

3. Toaster/Griddle

  • For those that can’t afford an oven toaster grill, a simple toaster or electric griddle is the ideal appliances. With electric griddle, you can enjoy your favorite grilled steak or burgers and pizzas right from your homes.
  • You can grill your sandwiches and also warm up leftovers. They are also easy to carry around, have a compact design and can be cleaned within minutes.  For an even cheaper alternative, stick to simple toasters.


4. Induction Cooktop

  • If you’re looking for a faster way to boil, water, prepare soups etc. an induction cooktop is a must buy. It’s also eco-friendly as it protects the already depleting ozone layer. Also, induction cooktops can reach higher temperatures than a stove.
  • Apart from that, they are perfect to carry along on your travels as they can easily fit into a travel bag and are lightweight too. Cleaning them is simple. Just turn off the power supply and wipe with a dry cloth to clear off any drips or spills.

5. Coffee Maker

  • If you’re a coffee person and cannot function without the early morning aroma and taste of a perfectly brewed coffee well then a coffee maker is a must. Keurig manufactures coffee makers that come with all important features and are available at a lower cost too.
  • Apart from that Breville and Cuisinart are other brands to check out. With the right coffee maker, you can enjoy barista like coffee right from the comfort of your living room plus it’s also a cost-effective option.

Coffee Maker

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