GrandMother Gardening : Tips For Growing Mad Giant Basil Plants

Are you trying to grow healthy basil plants but unable to reach some positive results? There is no need to fret anymore because we have listed down a few tips which can help you in getting your basil garden started and maintain it for a good harvest. Basil is one of the easiest plants to grow but proper technique and plant conditions certainly help in making the basil plants thrive. Here are the top 7 tips for growing mad giant basil plants in your own garden:

  1. Start your own plants

You should grow your basil plants from seeds if you want them to grow properly and quickly. So, you can either start the seeds yourself or you can get a started plant from a nursery to take care of. Make sure you get it started before the warmer months so that it can grow properly during warm temperatures.

  1. Provide it with a proper drainage system

Basil require a well-drained soil to grow properly and so, if you are growing them indoors in a container, you need to make sure the container has proper drainage holes in it to let the excess water out.

  1. Provide warm temperature to your plants

Basil thrive in warm temperature and require at least 6 hours of sunlight. So, make sure you keep them in a warm atmosphere and if you see frost coming, then cover them with a sheet and secure the ends with the help of a stone. You can use aerogarden to give warm temperature to your plants. Here are some of  indoor aerogarden kit reviews. If you are keeping them outdoors, then a layer of mulch will help in protecting it from weed while making sure that your plants are always warm.

  1. Fertilize the soil once a month

If you are growing your basil plants indoors, you would need to add an organic or slow-release fertilizer once every month and make sure that the temperature of the fertilizer isn’t below 16 degrees Celsius.

  1. Water constantly during hot climate

Make sure your soil is always moist so you will need to water your plants every day once in hot weathers to prevent the soil from becoming dry. In normal weather conditions, you can water your basil plants in every few days.

  1. Prune your plants

Pruning will leave you with more basil so make sure you prune your plants regularly. You should prune your top leaves of basil when they are six inches tall and keep it once it starts getting bushier. Nip any flower in the process to avoid any seeding which can result in bland basil.

  1. Keep bugs away from it

You will notice that a lot of pests and insects tend to eat away your basil plants once it starts growing, so it is important to keep such bugs away from your plants. You can use a liquid seaweed as a fertilizer or use some other mild pesticide which will protect your plants from insects.

So, now that you know how to grow your own successful basil garden, why don’t you go out and get on with it?

The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering

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